What is a California Expungement?

Tired of checking off the box on a job application that lets the employer know you’ve been convicted of a crime? You may be able to check off the box that says you’ve never been convicted of a crime even if you have previously been convicted.

While most people know that an expungement cleans up a criminal record, most are mistaken in believing that an expungement erases a criminal conviction.

California Penal Code 1203.4 allows many prior criminal convictions to be dismissed. This is true even if a person accepted a plea deal or if they were found guilty after a trial.

It is almost as if the court goes back in time dismisses the case before the person pleads guilty or is found guilty.

If successful, the person’s record will show that the conviction was “dismissed pursuant to Penal Code 1203.4.”

Although the conviction is not erased, since it was dismissed, it cannot be used against you when applying for most jobs. I say “most” because even if you are successful in expunging a conviction, you will still have to disclose the conviction when applying for a state license, a public office, or for contracting with the state lottery.

While many convictions can be expunged, determining whether a person is eligible can be pretty complicated. For example, only certain crimes are eligible, a person cannot have served any prison time, and a person cannot be facing new charges or on probation for previous case.

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Check off the box that says you’ve never been convicted of crime and get that job!

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