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Five out of five stars!

Mr. Ibanez was helpful by any measure right out of the proverbial gate. Within a week’s time of engagement, Mr. Ibanez’s understanding of the inner workings of the ‘system’ attended by his legal acumen and anticipation, provided us with a platform of comfort as the situation was readily resolved before any filings by the PD with the Government attorney faction could be illustrated.
Mr. Ibanez very covertly and convincingly led the other party to drop their threat of prosecution in the face of a countersuit against them, with contrary evidence in support.
Life is too short to spend it in a courtroom without palpable cause. Mr. Ibanez satisfied our desire to let sleeping dogs lie and provided us an avenue back to the sanctity of Community and the embrace of worried family. Thank you, Mr. Ibanez, Sláinte, and a long life to you.

  • David

Best Lawyer Ever!

I’ve hired Jonathon Ibanez multiple times. He is very professional and a great lawyer to represent you no matter the case. He helped me with my DUI and got it removed from my record. I’ve consulted with him many times and when he feels he isn’t the right person for the case, he will point you in the right direction. He looks out for your best interest. Anytime I am in need of a lawyer, I call Ibanez Law. I recommend him to everyone and I like reading his blog posts.

  • Michelle

Extremely Satisfied!

I was arrested for a DUI and he got me a great deal for the charges I faced. The case was settled quickly, which allowed me to begin putting this ordeal behind me. His fee was very reasonable. He was easy to get in touch with for any questions I had and also contacted me to make sure I did not forget important dates and completed every step in the process. He was very professional and knowledgeable. After hearing all the stories about the lawyers people in my DUI program dealt with, I am extremely satisfied with choosing Jonathan to represent me.

  • Anonymous